Helping People Get Addiction Treatment and into Recovery

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Financial And Placement Assistance

Facilitate entrance into good treatment programs, for people with an Opioid Use Disorders by providing financial or another types of assistance.

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Encourage More Frontline Medical Professionals To Treat Opioid Dependent Patients

Work with primary care medical professionals so they are willing to treat opioid dependent patients. Laws passed earlier this year made it easier for licensed MDs, DOs, and LNPs to have the ability to treat opioid dependence, tolerance and withdrawal.

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Supply doses of “Narcan”, the opioid overdose reversing medicine into high risk areas

By supplying “Narcan” the opioid overdose reversing medication to high risks areas, we can save lives on the spot. It has already saved thousands of lives being used by first responders and other parties.

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Social Media Outreach Campaigns

Our social media outreach campaign is structured to address the overdose crisis by reaching out to the most vulnerable and impacted demographics through targeted online activity. 

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Court Opioid Intervention Programs

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